What Sunchart offers?

Our main activity is chartering.

We arrange goods transportation by sea and rivers worldwide. Technically delivery of goods can be secured either by ship or barge wherever navigation is announced.

For cargo owners and shippers we fix suitable tonnage for their goods and control carriage.

For shipowners and carriers we can find cargoes that fit their ships perfectly.

We have principally chosen chartering as very specific and narrow part of shipping and logistics. Focus on particular task allows us to be real professionals in area of sea and river transportation of goods. Thanks to rich experience and knowledge as well as to various practical means of chartering we maintain high standards of service. We can work out the most suitable and, which is very important, economical way of transportation.

We have all required possibilities and means for this task: direct communication with all major shipping companies of the world; databases of ships with descriptions and characteristics; software allowing to calculate voyages and their economic effect; all required books and editions showing all world ports as well as their specific details and restrictions; obtaining current freight rates, daily bunker prices in all areas of the world and time-charter equivalents for various types of ships and shipping routes. We can control momentary track of the particular ship and inform our customer of factual voyage progress.

Well established relationships with insurance and law firms allow us to assist our clients in obtaining insurance cover for goods and ships as well as to resolve various disputes on maritime and shipping grounds.

We get daily open vessels position reports from our close shipowners.

To make it shorter, you can count on us as highly motivated professionals in shipping.